I never could get the hang of Thursdays

It is the 29th February
29/02/2012, 6:10 am
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And here is something random. I will be doing this every 29th February.


Lithuania’s entry for Eurovision 2006
05/01/2010, 11:44 pm
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LT United – We Are The Winners (Of Eurovision)

Real life comedy, it’s hilarious.

*1:30 is the best bit

I hate advertising, but it amuses me.
07/12/2009, 9:53 pm
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Have a look at this website. (It may take a second or two to load)

The scary thing is, someone will see this and think “yeah, that’s cool, I want to smell like I ride on a jet ski in a suit”.

This is a pretty good summary of every RnB video there is at the moment as well, you watch, most of them are something like that. Get a suit, get some women, get some sunglasses and a jet ski/helicopter/yacht, and hey-presto, RnB music video.

I didn’t bother to check how much it cost, but I’m going to estimate about $4,000.

This goes into my new “Tripe” category.

30/10/2009, 3:36 pm
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My brother likes watching the music channels, I happened to watch this:

Is this for real? Is it a piss-take? Is it just me or is this the biggest piece of crap music video/song ever?

I mean, their last two singles were pretty terrible, but this one takes the cheesy biscuit.

Anyway, let’s have a look.

That slow singing at the beginning, where he’s dressed as some kind of arab, what’s going on there? And is that another pair of novelty sunglasses I can see? Moving on, to where he’s riding an elephant accross a desolate planet.. what? Yes, because that makes sense. It’s OK, he mentioned the word “galaxy” so they stuck Jupiter with Saturn’s rings in the background.

Now the chap in the astronaught suit, where does that fit in? Why do some words j-j-j-jump a bit? Further on, the bloke digs up something, which he turns to make some wierd reflective polygons rotate, causing everyone else in the video to stare. A bit of arm-raising and lighting effects later they turn into meteors. FIN.


Charlie Brooker and Windows® launch parties
30/09/2009, 2:04 pm
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Start by reading this article by Charlie Brooker from The Guardian.

Then watch the most god aweful advertising campaign and marketing idea ever concieved, either as he links to it or below.

Do microsoft seriously think this is good? Seriously? They’re getting a lot of attention because of how bad it is I suppose, but I bet that’s not the point.

Everything is terrible, except Charlie Brooker, I love that article.

Masterchef 2009
28/02/2009, 8:53 pm
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To be honest, I only started watching it half way through, but this years Masterchef has been the most intense thing I’ve ever seen on telly.

It starts with the two hosts (who have the same voice) shouting “Cooking DOESN’T get tougher than this!” and “Someone who can turn out EXCEPTIONAL food!”. The intesity continues for the next 57 minutes, ever increasing and featuring more dialogue between the hosts at a stupid volume until finally someone gets through to the next round and you can relax with some happy, relieving music.

Seriously, don’t watch it if you have a heart condition, it’s stupidly intense.

The best bit is when they go off to talk about the contestants’ food. It’s obviously bits clipped together because nobody has normal conversation like that. They shout comments in each other’s faces like “It had the flavour AND the texture” (bit of nodding in agreement from the other one, slight pause) “You would EXPECT to see that in a HIGH class restaurant”.

The ident they have for it is daft as well. This red-hot cooking hob with an M in the middle explodes onto the screen (literally on a fireball) with this droning intense music in the background and a sizzling sound. It’s not light entertainment, it’s scary.