I never could get the hang of Thursdays

Books what I ‘ave read since last time I posted about books.
19/01/2012, 3:51 am
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This ‘un.

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What I have been reading
23/08/2011, 11:41 pm
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Things I have been reading recently
25/06/2011, 10:50 pm
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Because I’ve not kept you updated.

The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul — Douglas Adams. Brilliant, loved it.

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I am currently reading:
18/04/2010, 12:23 am
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A tad strange, but so far so good.

I’ve also started reading a Robert Ludlum book — which is massive.

I forgot to tell you what I’m reading
10/01/2010, 1:23 pm
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To the hesitating purchaser

If sailor tales to sailor tunes,
Storm and adventure, heat and cold,
If schooners, islands, and maroons
And Buccaneers and buried Gold,
And all the old romance, retold
Exactly in the ancient way,
Can please, as me they pleased of old,
The wiser youngsters of to-day:

—So be it, and fall on! If not,
If studious youth no longer crave,
His ancient appetites forgot,
Kingston, or Ballantyne the brave,
Or Cooper of the wood and wave;
So be it, also! And may I
And all my pirates share the grave
Where these and their creations lie!

At present, I am reading
18/10/2009, 1:28 pm
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Because I found a copy in a charity book shop. (As well as a Belle & Sebastian album).

I am currently reading
03/08/2009, 1:14 am
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Because; a) I got fed up with that last book, and b) I like Jeffrey Archer.