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Simon Cowell will ruin music
25/01/2010, 1:21 am
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Simon Cowell is evil. This we know.

Luckily the evil forces of Cowell Inc. were defeated at the battle of Christmas number one by a proper song that was written eighteen years prior to the X Factor dribble. It was nothing to do with money, just the dominance of X Bollocks over more or less everything, and that by having a TV competition to manufacture a local karaoke singer into superstar doesn’t make for good music.

Anyway, now Cowell is using his enormous influence and power within the music industry to raise money with a charity single for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Good, maybe he isn’t entirely evil.

I have a problem though. He’s getting all his pop-chums together to cover a song. A good song (this has happened before with Hallelujah). His next cover is the brilliant Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

Please please please don’t make it shit. It’s an amazing song and it could so easily be ruined by rushing it through in a week or getting pop singers to sing little bits themselves. If you’re seriously going to try cover this song for something so important, do it right and make it genuinely good. I don’t want to hear any more Cowell-esque tripe created by the music machine that only sells because Susan Boyle whines “Soooooooometimes” once during the outro.

Imagine this song reminded you of your mum dying, just because it happened to come out at the same time. Imagine how awful it would be to hear a shite-sobby-pop rip-off that was rushed through in a week, that makes you cringe every time you hear it (and you will, because Cowell will make sure it gets plenty of air-time).

If you’re going to do a cover, do it right.

You may think that Everybody Hurts is a sad song, quite the opposite. Listen to the outro, it really lifts you up.

Back to my point. Good effort. It is a very noble thing to do, pulling all those strings around you to raise some money for a good cause, but maybe leave the song writing to one of the “musicians” you’re getting in and make something original which is actually good, and sells because people like it, not the people that are in it.

Source – The Mail Online


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