I never could get the hang of Thursdays

13/09/2009, 4:23 pm
Filed under: Design

I’m meant to be designing some website thing as a mini-project for someone I might get some work from. These are the fruits of my labour:

[there should be an image in here, saying graphic design is shit, or something, but it didn’t work and I can’t be bothered trying to make it]

I’ve left it until the last minute, as usual. I’ve spent most of these last minutes with my head in my hands or getting frustrated. I’m sick to the teeth with it. Actually, graphic design in general. Designers are wankers.


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Please don’t despair!
It sounds to me like the career path you’re on isn’t really the one you want, but thats ok.
Graphic design is used by every single industry, so you have the skills to work in ANY industry you fancy!
I’ve noticed you enjoy reading, have you considered a career in book publishing? You could draw inspiration from all the pre-published books you’d get to read.
Or how about applying to a historical magazine or a group like the National Trust? Landscape design? Travel brochures (see the world)?
Once you find something that you enjoy, those deadlines won’t creep up so fast. You’ll be inspired to get designing from the moment the task comes in.
You have a great degree and you’re too smart to waste on work you don’t enjoy. Get out there now and find something incredible for yourself!

If you haven’t read any Paul Arden, maybe you should. I recommend him whole heartedly for days when inspiration is not striking.

Comment by lucy

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