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Consumer awareness?
21/05/2009, 6:22 pm
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There have been more complaints by university students on value for money for their courses. I agree entirely and if I wasn’t finishing this year I’d be one of them.

There was a representative from Salford University on BBC radio four’s consumer programme You And Yours today, and he didn’t convince me any more about the care my university has for its paying students. The university does have good facilities, libraries, stuido space, that kind of thing, but I, like most other students, still find it easier to work from home. Also, our contact time with tutors is ridiculous for  £3000 a year. Normally I’d see my tutor for maybe 3 hours a week, if that. For my final major project I haven’t had any contact time with my tutor (except two informal meetings with a tutor-in-training) and I’m set to hand in my final module tomorrow. If I can do it without seeing her at all, what am I paying for?

My conclusions is that I’m another person going through the degree machine. I get a degree, the university gets another good mark for a sucessful graduate, and I’m pushed into the world of work feeling completely unable to do anything. I don’t feel like I’ve learnt anything in the last year. I could have improved as much if I had taught myself. I may as well have applied to the open university and had a full time job at the same time.

Universities are like glorfied libraries, and I’ve only used ours twice this year.


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