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“The action that is necessary”
01/05/2009, 4:27 pm
Filed under: Politics

This is a phrase I’m getting a bit sick of hearing, I don’t think it means anything any more, and anyway, it’s just a matter of opinion.

I am a Labour supporter. I always have been and as far as I’ve followed politics they’ve been in power. I get it from my father I think, the typical working class miner (or at least he was) and it has passed on to me. There’s something about the Conservatives that makes me feel powerless, a serf. A Conservative government conjures up images of the miners strikes, Thatcher and general toffery.

Charles Clarke sees the changes and has spoken out about Labour loosing their way, and David Blunkett agrees that everything isn’t as good as it was. The Budget last week was a bit of a let down as well, it seemed to be full of appealing ideas to keep supporters happy and improve PR. The forecast for growth was unrealistic. Nick Clegg put it best I think in his budget response; “this Budget could have been a great Budget. It could have set a new direction, a new course for Britain, out of recession and towards a stronger future.” He reminded us about post-war Budgets and The People’s Budget, I think he’s right on that.

It’s not Labours fault we’re in recession of course, it just so happens that Britain being the financial capital of the world means that we’re hardest hit (besides it starting in America). David Cameron attacked Labour for trying to spend their way out of recession, and “not mending the roof while it was dry” (or words to that effect), but I can’t see the logic in saving money and cutting back on expenses when it should be invested and spent for the benefit of all. I like to sum it up like this:

If you found yourself bankrupt and on the verge of poverty, with no job, would you rather the government say “here, have this £20 and keep looking for work” than “well, the buses don’t cost as much any more”.


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