I never could get the hang of Thursdays

27/03/2009, 8:27 pm
Filed under: Interesting Stuff

I’ve spent the last three hours watching this on BBC iPlayer. I recommend it. Michael Smith is my new favourite raconteur.

Like me, he doesn’t drive, and has a deep loathing of the road. In the program he spends weeks driving (well, being driven) around the country and eventually to France, meeting passers by, seeing things and making witty observations and metaphors.

“Smith waxes lyrical on his new-found passion for travelling, if not for driving per se, having finally discovered a means of transport that suits him: hitching. Falling in and out of cars, driven almost exclusively by young, attractive, Europeans, he manages to travel the full length of the country.” (from the BBC website)

There’s a bit where he’s trying to hitch-hike through France, and he’s stood at the side of the road with a baguette, oysters and drinking table wine from the bottle.

Looking him up online leads me to his book Giro Playboy which I think will be my next read if I can find it somewhere.

Give that program a watch anyway.


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