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Family History
08/11/2008, 11:32 pm
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Instead of doing some work, I’ve been looking up my family history.

The bloke in the picture is St. Thomas Becket, who – if you know your history – was murdered by four knights who were told by king Henry II “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?”.

No, I’m not a descendant of him, he doesn’t have descendants. But one of the knights, Sir Reginald FitzUrse is the brother of Richard FitzUrse, later to become de Bereham, Barham, then Bareham, all the way down to me.

Fitz meaning Son, Urse meaning Bear.

All that happened in 1170, which is a hell of a long time ago, and a long way to trace back your family history. I knew a bit about this already, so it’s not like I’ve found out all this today. It’s hugely interesting.


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Ooh I want to find out my family history. What did you use?

Comment by Jemma

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