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Is it stealing?
07/07/2008, 1:13 pm
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My response to this article.

I, as virtually every other design student, need to use at least a couple of programs from the Adobe Creative Suite and the odd other few things. It’s essential to my course. I could use the software on the Macs at university and put up with fitting into a timetable, no access to my own computer back at my flat and no home comforts such as a cup of tea, but by and large we are expected to have the software at home to use.

To buy Creative Suite at a student discount price, I would have to shell out £245.58. I can’t afford new shoes, let alone that! Hence, I download it, bit-torrents etc.

Yes it’s wrong, but I bet every other student on my course has done exactly the same. It’s a ridiculous price for something that is pretty much cost-free to manufacture and reproduce.

That isn’t all though I’m affraid. I’m also guilty of downloading the occasional song, film or game, however in this case I don’t abuse it so much. I only download old films and games, stuff that was out a few years ago. Music is much the same, except maybe the odd new song which isn’t quite worth buying the full album for.

I don’t feel guilty about it. If I like the band/film/game that much I’ll happily pay for it, they deserve something for the effort they’ve made, of course. When it comes to the more expensive things, like Creative Suite 3 or whatever, which is essential to my studies, I’d rather not pay thank you very much. Perhaps if I started working and making money I would, but that’s a different kettle of fish. I’m not there yet.

Make the prices lower please, it’s only fairer to the little man.


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