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Losing The Will To Live
29/05/2008, 12:47 am
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As i walked through my Gran’s front door today I completely lost the will to live. There’s nothing wrong with my Gran’s house, or my family at all, but for some reason this home comfort brought me back down to earth, and all of a sudden the last year rolled past in my head and I felt depressed.

This year’s been fairly good compared to last year, but I think I’m probably still stressed or depressed most of the time.

So I walked through the door and it hit me. I couldn’t concentrate on what people we’re saying to me, all I could think about was what the hell I’ve been doing all year, the times I’ve been put down, had my hopes up, felt like utter crap and missed opportunities. I felt all the jealousy pent up inside me, I wanted to lie face down and go back to being fourteen so I could try it all over again.

But instead I didn’t say anything. I Made conversation and pretended nothing was wrong.


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I don’t like your punctuation lately.
If an apostrophe is lurking in your mind, for God’s sake leave it out.
That is all. xx

Comment by Jemma

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