I never could get the hang of Thursdays

I changed my theme…
17/05/2008, 10:34 pm
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…because I saw this one with a picture of a Pantone swatch book. No  doubt I’ll change it soon though.

I like graphic design, it’s what I do. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t.

Over the last few years I’ve decided it’s not my calling in life. I like it, I like making good work and being critical. It’s turned me into a typical designer and typophile.

typophile: “See that poster there? that’s Gill Sans”

I keep thinking I’m on the wrong course, I’d rather be a historian, although there isn’t much money in it. The famous people in the world aren’t graphic designers. they’re famous in their own field. Brunell didn’t design logos. I suppose historians aren’t famous either. Except in their own field of course.

There’s a trend here, I can be famous in my own field, but what is that? Designer/Historian? There’s virtually no history to design, and history doesn’t need designing. I’m stuck.

I’ll just be a jack of all trades I suppose. Designer as a profession, historian as a hobby. And everything else in between.


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